Audio Description Services

Full Service Audio Description Services

During its history, Wadjet stood exclusively on excellence in each single segment of the audio description process. Wadjet relentlessly honed each step of production. We are the definitive option to bring scripting, voice over and mixing together and offer clients the best of all worlds.

Our Full Service connects our signature scripts with voice over experts whose performances are incorporated into your content by industry leading mixers. We outsource to post-production professionals in the motion picture industry. In addition to voice over, they regularly mix films containing hundreds of audio tracks with dynamic mixing considerations. 

Our sound designers work closely with audio description specialists at Wadjet to ensure proper timing — requesting pickups when needed. This synthesis ensures natural, seamless description without the use of speed or pitch modification. We QC for accuracy and audio fidelity in a space designed for 5.1, 7.1 or whatever format your project requires.