Audio Description Scripting

Audio Description Script Writing

Wadjet began as a company dedicated to crafting audio description scripts that communicate visual information in an artful, seamless fashion. We continue to provide industry leading scripting services to the largest, most respected access services and post-production companies. We pride ourselves on our competitive rates with unbeatable turnarounds.


The scripts we create follow our rigorous Standards of Quality, developed through countless hours of audio description scriptwriting experience and problem solving. We take pride in our in-house style. That said, we also maintain detailed files of clients’ specifications and tailor scripts to conform to their brand standards.


Each of our audio description scripts is written by a thoroughly experienced professional who specializes first and foremost in the art of translating visual stories into narrative scripts. Our writers come from film backgrounds which allow them to determine which important onscreen elements convey the visual artist’s intent. Filmmakers talk to us in a visual language — our writers know what they’re saying.


Through quality assurance and our blog, Wadjet maintains a dialogue with the visually impaired community, constantly refining our methods. We get answers about movies with audio description from the people who matter most.