The Wadjet LLC company logo. A monochrome wadjet resembling a speaker with an eye at its center.

Ancient Egyptian mythology tells of a power struggle in Heaven between the Lord Osiris’s sons, following his death. During the feud Set, the wicked son, gouged out his brother Horus’s left eye: the Wadjet. Supernatural means restored Horus’s eye, which he offered to his dead father in ritual sacrifice, in turn restoring Osiris to life and the throne.



At Wadjet we honor the tradition of storytelling and restoration chronicled in this mythology by making media accessible to the visually impaired. Our mission is to create seamless audio description that restores the visual narrative for all, along with resources which capture a wider audience and incorporate their input.




John Gray

Founder & CEO

After graduating from the College of the Holy Cross with a degree in English Literature, John followed his dreams of being a screenwriter 3,000 miles to Los Angeles. To make ends meet, he worked as a freelance describer for numerous access service companies. These experiences awakened him to the lack of visual media available to non-sighted audiences. He developed an extensive skillset and this part-time gig bloomed into a passion to make the stories and mediums he loves accessible to everyone.


John Gray, a man in his late twenties with shoulder-length hair, sits on a stone wall. His bearded face grins with green eyes. He wears a beige, red and black houndstooth blazer over a white collared shirt with blue jeans.